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1425 South Airport Rd West
Suite G
Traverse City, Michigan, 49686


What if I don’t know how to sew?  We’d be glad for help with pressing and cutting, and maybe you'd like to try a placemat or two!  Beginners are welcome, and we will have a couple extra machines if you want to try!

What if I can’t stay for the whole time?  Come for however much time you can!

What is provided at the event?  We will have fabrics; flannel to use in place of batting; cutting mats and rotary cutters; an iron and pressing surface.

Is there a pattern?  We will have some simple instructions available, but you can use any pattern - or no pattern at all!  Some good ideas for placemats are: simple strips or squares; start with an orphan black and add strips around it; use a "sew and flip" method with strips are any width.  We do have a pattern for the walker bags, if you are interested in making those.

What's for lunch?  You are welcome to bring something to share for a pot luck lunch.  Plates, napkins and disposable silverware will be provided.

I can’t come on Oct. 20.  How else can I help?  The placemats will be picked up by Meals on Wheels in early December.  You can make placemats on your own and drop them off at InterQuilten through Dec. 5th.

If you are making placemats on your own to bring in and drop off:

What size to the placemats need to be?  There is no particular size requirements  We suggest about 12" x 15", give or take an inch in either direction.

What kind of fabrics should I use?  We prefer quality cotton prints in both masculine and feminine designs as clients include both men and women.

What type of batting should be used?  Actually, you can use a piece of flannel, or skip the batting altogether.  The Meals on Wheels folks indicate that it's better if the placemats are very flat and not bulky, so a glass set on the edge of the placemat is not so likely to tip over.

I still have questions.  Who can help me?  You can email Tawni: or Mary Finch:  and of course, you can also call InterQuilten: 231-276-9100.




1425 South Airport Rd West
       Suite G
       Traverse City, Michigan 49686